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The Jesse Klump Suicide Awareness Prevention Program will take our message to anyone or any group who may one day be in a position to save a life – any life, not just a young person’s; 2 or 200 — it doesn’t matter. WE NEVER CHARGE FOR A CLASS OR WORKSHOP – EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THE MATERIALS LEFT BEHIND, ARE FREE OF CHARGE.

If you belong to a church, a community organization, or a fraternal organization, or any group that welcomes guest speakers, contact us. If you are affiliated with a school, a police department, or a healthcare provider and believe, as we do, that everyone needs to know suicide prevention first aid, just ask. Our programs are tailored to the audience, with versions suitable for middle or high schools, religious settings, and secular organizations.

There are several options:

  • Our audio-visual talk is about 40 minutes in duration, typically followed by time for questions and comments. To get an idea of what you can expect, watch the youth suicide prevention sample video below. Though the topic can be grim, the message is uplifting. Anyone can save a life from suicide with nothing more than some basic understanding and an open heart.
  • safeTALK is a 3-hour suicide prevention class appropriate for anyone over the age of 17. Internationally-recognized, safeTALK is eligible for Continuing Education Units for those who need them. Minimum class size is 6 participants.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid is a one-day workshop, also eligible for CEUs. YMHFA teaches participants to recognize the warning signs of a young person who may be suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, or from the effects of trauma. It is appropriate for anyone over the age of 15. Minimum class size is 10 participants.
  • Mental Health First Aid is also a one-day workshop, focusing on the mental health challenges of adults and appropriate for anyone over the age of 18. Minimum class size is 10 participants.
  • “Project 22” is a suicide prevention documentary film, the goal of which is to reduce the skyrocketing rates of suicide among American veterans. The film is 100 minutes long, featuring two veterans crossing the country on their motorcycles and visiting others like themselves, as well as creative programs that help veterans overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidality.

To schedule a presentation call our Outreach Coordinator at 410-430-0627, click on the Contact Us tab, or e-mail your request to

An example PowerPoint Presentation used by the Jesse Klump Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program.