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Jesse's Grants & Awards

Since the first days of the Jesse Klump Memorial Fund, we have striven to recognize, support and reward those who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place.  Jesse’s Grants & Awards Programs are another step toward encouraging kindness and concern for others.  The awards come in three forms:

Jesse's Awards for Kindness

Jesse's Awards for Kindness find, recognize, and help finance entrepreneurial efforts to serve our local communities.  Anyone who has a great idea – a food bank in an underserved area, a peer-to-peer mechanism for reaching those who need any kind of support, maybe a new program to provide mental health services to populations in need – can be a beneficiary. 

We badly need new ideas to address community problems.  If you know of someone, of any age, who has the initiative and the passion to make something happen to help others, please let us know!

Simply email your idea(s) to If you prefer to mail it, please use the address found in our Contact Us page.

Jesse's Small Grant Program

Jesse’s Small Grant Program provides grants to professional educators, counselors, and mental health professionals who wish to attend workshops or conferences and have no other source of funding. 
To be eligible the following conditions apply: 

  • Applicants must be employed in education or healthcare on the lower Eastern Shore, and
  • Must plan to bring what they have learned back to serve our local communities

Download the Jesse's Small Grant Application to get started.

The Jesse Klump Memorial Fund

The Jesse Klump Memorial Fund works toward strengthening the professional resources in social work, therapy, counseling, and mental health that serve our friends, neighbors and loved ones on the lower Eastern Shore.

Toward that end, we will offer grants for post-graduate work to those who are enrolled in courses that are compatible with our mission of enhancing mental health care and ending suicide.

Download the Professsional Training Grant Application to get started.

Funds are limited for these programs, so apply as soon as possible.